“The House of the Famous Mexico: Strict Rules and Location of the New Reality TV Show on Televisa”

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Next Sunday June 4th, The House of the Famous Mexico will premiere its first season on El Canal de las Estrellas on Televisa, and prior to the arrival of the realitythis has already given enough to talk about, not only because of the names of the controversial participants, but also because of the strict rules that they will have to follow.

Through a video, Galilea Montijo, who will appear as host of the show at the gala, reported that the physical assaults will be prohibited, that means that the problems that the participantsthey will have to fix them without touching each other, because if they break the rulerThey could be penalized.

But that is not the only indication, since the famous They will also have to obey “La Jefa”, who will be the only outside voice they will hear and who will also control casa 24/7; Likewise, Wendy Guevara, Emilio Osorio, Paul Stanley, Raquel Bigorra and the rest of the participants will have to take care of the cleaning.

Furthermore, considering that the casa will be covered by 60 cameras and 80 microphones distributed throughout all the rooms, the living room, the gym and even some areas of the bathrooms, the celebrities of the house of celebrities They will be prohibited from covering said devices, since if they do so, they could be penalized in the same way.

Rules that the celebrities of The House of Celebrities must follow

  1. Forbidden to enter the casa with electronic devices, such as tablets, computers, phones, radios, watches, etc.
  2. Forbidden to enter with books.
  3. Forbidden to physically assault another participant.
  4. It is forbidden to turn off the microphones, except when the celebrity comes into contact with water either to bathe or swim in the pool.
  5. Mandatory that all participants participate in the cleaning of the casa.
  6. The budget for the food will depend on the tests or challenges that the famous perform within the reality.
  7. If a participant violates 3 or more rulesyou will be expelled immediately.
  8. Do not get used to swimming because everything can change

Location of La Casa de los Famosos México, this is how it looks inside

The curiosity that has begun to generate the new reality of Televisa has made many wonder, where is The House of the Famous Mexico? According to the report of several national media, the property is located in the Endemol Shine studios of Telemundo.

However, there are those who say the building is in the State of Mexico, while others say it is in Coatepec, Veracruz, but the location It is still a dilemma, what is a fact is that the building is ready to receive the participants, that is how it looks inside.

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