The house rented by DSK in New York unsaleable

Four large bedrooms, a jacuzzi, a cinema room and a fitness room. With that, a large terrace and a small apartment on the ground floor for the housekeeper and the driver. This 630 m² house located in the trendy TriBeCa district, south of Manhattan, has everything to please a New York trader, wealthy on Wall Street. In the street, he might come across Robert De Niro or Cameron Diaz who have an apartment a few blocks away.

Suddenly, when the owner of the premises, a property dealer, put it up for sale in September 2011 at $ 13.9 million, he thought he would close the transaction quickly. Ten months later, he is disillusioned. He has lowered his claims several times and is now ready to sell his property for $ 9.9 million. But despite this discount, he can not find a buyer while the real estate market has recently recovered in New York.

Because this luxury house at 153 Franklin Street has a flaw: it is there that DSK had taken up residence, between June and August 2011, during his house arrest in the Sofitel affair. His partner, Anne Sinclair, paid a monthly rent of $ 50,000 for the couple to occupy. On this occasion, the building was seen on TVs around the world. A devastating counter-publicity. In New York, no one wants to break the bank for a house associated with a character that smells of sulfur.


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