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The beloved Dominican actor based in Mexico, Andres Garcia, left the public speechless a few weeks ago by declaring that he felt that he was already nearing the end of the tunnel of his life. This time, the protagonist of “Deceived Women” has revealed what properties he currently has and what he plans to do with them.

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Garcia was born May 24, 1941 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and soon moved to Mexico due to the prevailing authoritarian regime of the Caribbean country. This is how he grew up in Acapulco, obtaining Mexican nationality, and began working as a boatman until some film producers discovered his talent and motivated him to start his artistic career.

Known for his multiple romances, the first actor has been married four times and the product of those unions. He has his three children: Andrés, Leonardo and Andrea García; being these public figures, very loved by the followers of his father.


In a recent interview for the medium ” Selling ”, Andrés García revealed that the only properties left to him are the ” Castillo ”, the ” Bosque ”, and the house in Acapulco where you live now. Likewise, García referred to the property of ”The lagoon” , which he currently has in partnership with a friend.

As a good lover of the sea, the actor also owns a house in Foot of the Cuesta in Acapulco, which he hopes to be able to sell it on the condition of staying three years there, since it is the maximum time that he calculates he will live.


Due to the Covid-19, Garcia His income was also affected and he had to take extreme measures to maintain his lifestyle in recent years. For this reason, the ex-husband of Sandra Vale he sold one of his properties in Acapulco at a price below what it deserved.

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” Yes, I had to sell a large property, sell it almost for free. In times of economic crisis nobody wants to buy you, I was lucky to sell something and the pandemic is going to do more and more, ” commented Andrés.


To the surprise of the public, Garcia He does not intend to inherit any property to his children, as he considers that it will not be necessary for them; so his last wishes will be to sell them:

“My Andresito has his life in Miami and does not come to Mexico, Leonardo has his apartments and his properties and he does not need me to give him anything; on the contrary, it is difficult for him to take care of the properties that he has. I want to sell what I have left and that’s it. ”