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The Houston Astros made history with the 2004 Boston Red Sox

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Regardless of the outcome of the seventh and decisive game of the American League Championship Series this Saturday night, the Houston Astros are already making history in Major League baseball by extending it to the maximum afterwards. from falling down 0-3 to the Tampa Bay Rays.

And the Puerto Rican players Carlos Correa and Martín “Machete” Maldonado, as well as the coaches Josué Espada and Alex Cintrón, are being protagonists.

And it is that outside the Red Sox de Boston in 2004, no other team had managed to come back from a 0-3 deficit to tie a series of a maximum of seven games.

The Red Sox, driven mostly that year by the performances of former Dominican designated hitter David Ortiz, as well as fellow countrymen Manny Ramírez and Hall of Famer former pitcher Pedro Martínez, shocked the baseball world by achieving what never before it had occurred in more than 100 years of history.

Boston fell 0-3 to the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series (SDC). And even demoralized by being crushed 19-8 in the meeting that brought them to the brink, the Red Sox not only rose up and were the first to tie a long series under the circumstances, but set a precedent by winning four straight games to award it. Eventually Boston was unstoppable, sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals in four World Series games to win their first Fall Classic championship in 86 years.

It took 16 seasons for another team, in this case the Astros, to at least equalize the feat of tying the series after falling down 3-0.

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According to an article by MLB.com released last year in mid-October — when Puerto Rican wide receiver Yadier Molina and San Luis’s Cardinals fell behind 0-3 in the National Championship Series against the Washington Nationals — 38 series out of a maximum of seven games had started. with a 3-0 record in the history of the Major League Baseball playoffs, including the championship series of both leagues, and the World Series.

The one of the Astros and Rays that will be defined tonight starting at 8:37 pm (TBS), is the thirty-ninth (39).

But only eight times, out of the previous 38, did those series extend to at least a fifth game. In other words, the underdog team won at least one, as did Houston now, who became the ninth to avoid being swept after losing the first three games.

The same article from MLB.com made reference to another report by SBNation.com updated to 2016, in which its author Grant Brisbee published the complete list of series that had started with a 3-0. The total was 36 until 2016, including the series that concluded after the publication of the report, and in which the Cleveland Indians ended up beating the Toronto Blue Jays 4-1, after starting with a 3-0 in the SDC of the Americana.

This medium made a review of the post-2016 playoffs, and we must add another three long series that have started with a 3-0, as recorded in the records of Baseball Reference.

Apart from the SDC that will be defined tonight between Houston and Tampa Bay, the other two were: LA vs. Chicago Cubs (2017 SDC won by Dodgers 4-1); and Washington vs. San Luis (2019 SDC won by the Nationals 4-0).

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Here is the list of 39 series in the history of the playoffs that started 3-0 before the outcome. The result appears in parentheses.


1988 – Oakland Athletics sobre Boston Red Sox (4-0)

1990 – Oakland Athletics sobre Boston Red Sox (4-0)

1995 – Atlanta Braves sobre Cincinnati Reds (4-0)

1998 – San Diego Padres over Atlanta Braves (4-2)

1999 – Atlanta Braves on New York Mets (4-2)

2004 – Boston Red Sox (down 0-3) sobre New York Yankees (4-3)

2006 – Detroit Tigers sobre Oakland Athletics (4-0)

2007 – Colorado Rockies sobre Arizona Diamondbacks (4-0)

2012 – Detroit Tigers sobre New York Yankees (4-0)

2014 – Kansas City Royals sobre Baltimore Orioles (4-0)

2015 – New York Mets over Chicago Cubs (4-0)

2016 – Cleveland Indians sobre Toronto Blue Jays (4-1)

2017 – Los Angeles Dodgers over Chicago Cubs (4-1)

2019 – Washington Nationals sobre St. Louis Cardinals (4-0)

2020 – Tampa Rays vs. Houston Astros (empatada 3-3) *


1907 – Chicago Cubs sobre Detroit Tigers (4-0)

1910 – Philadelphia Athletics sobre Chicago Cubs (4-1)

1914 – Boston Braves sobre Philadelphia Athletics (4-0)

1922 – New York Giants sobre New York Yankees (4-0)

1927 – New York Yankees sobre Pittsburgh Pirates (4-0)

1928 – New York Yankees sobre St. Louis Cardinals (4-0)

1932 – New York Yankees sobre Chicago Cubs (4-0)

1937 – New York Yankees sobre New York Giants (4-1)

1938 – New York Yankees sobre Chicago Cubs (4-0)

1939 – New York Yankees sobre Cincinnati Reds (4-0)

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1950 – New York Yankees sobre Philadelphia Phillies (4-0)

1954 – New York Giants sobre Cleveland Indians (4-0)

1963 – Los Angeles Dodgers over New York Yankees (4-0)

1966 – Baltimore Orioles over Los Angeles Dodgers (4-0)

1970 – Baltimore Orioles sobre Cincinnati Reds (4-1)

1976 – Cincinnati Reds sobre New York Yankees (4-0)

1989 – Oakland Athletics sobre San Francisco Giants (4-0)

1990 – Cincinnati Reds sobre Oakland Athletics (4-0)

1998 – New York Yankees over San Diego Padres (4-0)

1999 – New York Yankees sobre Atlanta Braves (4-0)

2004 – Boston Red Sox sobre St. Louis Cardinals (4-0)

2005 – Chicago White Sox sobre Houston Astros (4-0)

2007 – Boston Red Sox sobre Colorado Rockies (4-0)

2012 – San Francisco Giants sobre Detroit Tigers (4-0)

Fuentes: SBNation, Baseball-Reference


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