The Hungarian Air Force was raised on alarm because of the Ukrainian aircraft


MOSCOW, June 10 – RIA Novosti. Hungary brought the aircraft on the alert because of a small Ukrainian aircraft, reports . Complain to NATO: Hungary is looking for a government in Kiev
The incident occurred on the border in the area of ​​the border crossing point Luzhanka – Berehshuran.
The border guards immediately announced an alarm and reported the offender to NATO security agencies. The multi-role fighters of the fourth-generation Saab JAS 39 Gripen were launched into the air.
The intruder aircraft left Hungary’s airspace after several maneuvers. The military does not exclude that it was a smuggling vessel that transported illegals or prohibited goods from Transcarpathia to the EU.
Disagreements with Ukraine
The relationship between Budapest and Kiev worsened on the background of discussions about the Ukrainian law on education, which among other things greatly reduces the possibility of learning in other languages. Media: Hungary begins “passport raids” against Ukrainians
The Hungarian government stated that the law violates the rights of national minorities, among which there are many ethnic Hungarians.
At the beginning of the year, Hungarian Foreign Minister Petar Siyarto said that the country would “refuse to support Ukraine’s desire to integrate while the violation of European and international laws and standards continues.”
Blocking dialogue with NATO
In late March, he said that Budapest intends to block the participation of Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko in the July NATO summit. NATO commented on the “language problem” of Ukraine and Hungary
In April, Hungary for the third time blocked the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of foreign ministers. Budapest promised that it would oppose Ukraine’s accession to the alliance until Kiev regained the rights of national minorities.
The Foreign Minister stressed that Hungary will not yield to foreign pressure and will not sacrifice the interests of Transcarpathian Hungarians for the sake of “geopolitical interests.”
Reform failed
In addition, in May the Hungarian government approved a memorandum calling on NATO to reconsider Ukraine’s support. The Ukrainian writer threatened the authorities because of the Hungarian language
The memorandum, in particular, says that “Ukraine’s reform has failed.”
The Hungarian government notes that Kiev did not succeed, “despite an unprecedented level of political support and financial assistance.” In addition, believe in Budapest, Ukraine “poses a danger to neighbors.”


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