the iconic Mavic brand is relocating

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Jean-Claude Bourrelier and his two sons, Yoann and Jean-Michel

Mavic lives a second youth. After its receivership in 2020, the mythical brand of bicycle wheels is being rebuilt under the patronage of the Bourrelier group, created by the founder of Bricorama, Jean-Claude Bourrelier.

The company’s turnover jumped 20% in 2021 to 56 million euros. And Mavic is not going to stop there. After the modernization of its production site located in Saint-Trivier-sur-Moignans (Ain), the company run by the two sons of the founder of Bricorama, Yoann and Jean-Michel Bourrelier, will invest 9 million euros in new machinery and a boiler. At the moment 97% of Mavic wheels are designed in Europe. The objective of the leaders? Manufacture a wheel entirely “made in France”. Mavic will also relocate the production of equipment such as shoes to Europe. What definitely revive this sleeping beauty?

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