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The ID Roomzz by VW gives an outlook on a full size electric SUV due in 2021

The Roomzz concept provides Level 4 autonomy (in most situations full self-drive), and the seats can both tilt inward by 25 degrees in this mode and turn inward to create a "lounge-like" atmosphere. if you do not take the wheel. The classic line is also taken in favor of a full glass screen and a huge infotainment display in the middle, while "interactive light zones" provide information for all occupants. It would not surprise us if many of the autonomy-oriented features are not appropriate for the original production model. However, this gives you an idea of ​​where VW wants to go.

Other clever touches include minivan sliding doors (we would not be surprised if they disappear in production) and an eco-friendly interior with renewable "AppleSkin" seat covers and wood in the door panels.

So far, VW has only committed to bringing the finished roomzz to market in China. In light of this, it's hard to see that the company is launching into the SUV-addicted US, especially if it probably wants every opportunity to justify its American EV production plans. This should also represent a cheaper alternative to the sophisticated Audi E-Tron.

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