The iMac 2021 disaster occurs, and some M1 iMac screen brackets have tilt defects

Apple’s latest iMac 2021 has also suffered a disaster, which will cause problems with the iMac 2021 bracket level and cause the screen to be tilted. It seems that after Apple launches new products every year, in addition to a lot of user discussions and snap-ups, new products will inevitably have a few designs. Defects or disasters, such as iPhone 4 antenna door, iPhone 6 curved door, MacBook Pro flexible door, etc.

Since the M1 iMac 2021 went on sale, users have received it one after another, but some users have found that the new iMac 2021 stand is placed on a flat table, which will cause the screen to tilt slightly to the left or right, which is not obvious to the naked eye. Take a ruler or measuring tool to measure the height of the left and right sides of the iMac, and this problem will be obvious.

The iMac 2021 disaster occurs, and some M1 iMac screen brackets have tilt defects

The iMac 2021 screen tilt disaster was first discovered by iPhonedo Youtuber. He found that the distance between the left and right sides of the iMac 2021 screen and the desktop was significantly different, almost 1.6 cm. Obviously, this was due to a problem with the horizontal design of the bracket. Then Reddit and Apple’s official community There are also users who have reported the same problem.

What’s interesting is that the tilt angle of the left and right sides of the iMac 2021 is fixed and cannot be adjusted by itself, which will cause the screen to appear a bit skewed. iPhonedo also tried to correct this problem by itself. It was found that the entire bracket needs to be removed to correct the level problem, which will damage the warranty. Finally Choose to return and order again, which is also the biggest advantage of buying on Apple’s official website.

As for the iMac 201 bracket tilting disaster, Mr. Crazy thinks that it may be caused by the iMac assembly plant in order to catch the goods.

Apple has not yet responded to this issue. It is not clear whether it is due to design flaws or product defects caused by part of the production line in order to rush to work. Mr. Crazy also suggests that if there are users who have ordered iMac 2021 models, it is recommended to check the left and right sides of the screen after opening the box. Whether the side level is the same, if there is a problem, you can choose to return or replace it within 14 days.

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