The image with Florin Piersic that worried the fans. How the actor came to look at 84 years old

Although in November 2018 he worried his fans with his appearance not at all similar to what I once knew, 2020 found him better, as if the “little break” in March gave him wings. However, there were negative comments.

The latest image with Florin Pierisc. What does he look like at 84, without makeup, before filming

In 2008, Florin Piersic worried his fans with a public appearance. After a show, a fan takes to the sky of the great actor to take pictures with her. As a true admirer, he posted the image on social networks. Visibly weakened, with white hair and pulled to the face, I saw another Florin Piersic than we were used to. The actor didn’t seem to have the look he used to have, and the smile he had when he was photographed with his fans completely disappeared from his face.

In fact, this is not the first time the master has caused concern among fans. Also that year, Marcel Pavel published an image in which he was next to the great actor, who also caused a stir among his admirers.

Old age, heavy clothes, but the most beloved Romanians always face the pressure. A few hours ago, Dan Negru published an image on his social media account, in which he appears with Florin Piersic. The two were filming, and the presenter wanted to share with the fans how good the actor looks at his age, without any makeup.

  • The actor Florin Piersic was decorated on May 30, 2002 with the Steaua României National Order in the rank of Knight.

“It’s always the same Benjamin Button and his strange youth”

“I filmed Christmas with this kid yesterday. There is no difference between 48 and 84. I’ve been filming with this little one for many years. It’s always the same Benjamin Button and his strange youth. To many who have always wondered what it looks like, I give a tip: the photo was taken yesterday, before filming, that is, without makeup. Because JOY is the best makeup! (you will be amazed when you discover my presentation colleague)Dan Negru wrote in the description of the picture on Facebook.

“You are wonderful, we can’t wait to see you”, “Have a lot of health so we can always see you on the screens 💖💖💖💖”, “Good health !!!!!”, “Respect and respect, good health“, ” I love you both, in equal measure because you are capitalized people, that is. TRUE PEOPLE ”,“ The most beloved ROMANIANS! ”,“ Good God to give him health and strength 🙏💝 ”, were the positive comments of the fans.

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