The IMF requested that the Government comply with the fiscal and monetary goals of the agreement to curb inflation

In the midst of questions from La Cámpora, the international organization defended the terms of the agreement it signed with Argentina.


He International Monetary Fund projected for this year that the Argentine economy will have a slowdown of 2%, in part, due to the fiscal and monetary tightening policies implemented by the Government to curb inflation.

In the case of the Argentinahe IMF Research Director Pierre-Olivier Gourinchassaid at the press conference after the presentation of the report that a “slowdown in growth is expected in the coming years, due to the combination of two factors: the decline in global growth and the tightening of (monetary) policy.”

The international organization also indicated that the region will experience a slowdown in its growth rate this year in relation to 2022. This projection is given a global context that does not help much to the economic activity of Latin America due to high inflation and the readjustment of interest rates.