The immunologist estimated the likelihood of a new global epidemics

The immunologist estimated the likelihood of a new global

14:23 03/12/2018 (updated: 15:08 12/03/2018 ) 13109 5 8 WHO was warned of the high probability of a new global epidemic that threatens humanity. Doctor immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov on Sputnik radio commented on the forecast of specialists of the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned of the high probability of a new global epidemic, reports Science Alert .
Currently, scientists are investigating the most common pathogens that can lead to an outbreak of disease. According to them, it can be as already known to mankind diseases, for example, viral haemorrhagic fevers (Ebola, Lassa, etc.), and yet not identified infection.
Onishchenko: HIV / AIDS is a test of our society for strength Sources for the emergence of the so-called “X-disease” are enough: it is constantly mutating known infections, for example, the virus Zika, and zoonotic infections that are transmitted to humans from animals. The threat posed and artificially created viruses – biological weapons – which can steal from the laboratories. Scientists in advance are preparing measures to combat the “X-disease” in order to quickly respond to any threat. Otherwise, WHO experts warn, the new epidemic can become for humanity as deadly as the “Spaniard” in the beginning of the XX century. As a result of the massive epidemic of influenza in 1918-1919, several tens of millions of people died.
Doctor of Medicine, physician immunologist Vladislav Zhemchugov on air radio Sputnik estimated the likelihood of a new global epidemic.
“Currently, the likelihood of any serious disease spreading at a huge speed is 50 to 50. For this development of events – global links, a large number of human masses that move around the planet at high speed .If there is a certain virus that will spread by aerosol way – with the air, a greater likelihood of its rapid spread, but this is countered by the significant power of world health.This has shown a reaction to all kinds of influenza – avian, porcine, atypical pneumonia, the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome and the same Ebola, which is a serious threat.As for the flu, a large number of vaccinated people are an interlayer that delays the spread of existing viruses, “said Vladislav Zhemchugov.
At the same time, he said, this is also an incentive for the evolution of viruses, for their evasion from the existing mechanisms of the immune system.
“For example, there is a vaccine against swine flu, which means it will have the advantage of spreading the virus without these antigens, but with some others. And this unknown virus, which can spread globally and quickly, was called” X. “This is not a specific, but a theoretical threat, but with a high probability of practical implementation.What is it all about? For the world health system to be ready for this – airports, stations, resorts, schools, universities. Detection at an early stage, fighting, localization of outbreaks, development of vaccination facilities, etc., “the immunologist said.
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