The immunologist urged the world to prepare for a new epidemic

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Following the coronavirus pandemic, the world may face a tuberculosis epidemic. This forecast was made by Ukrainian immunologist Oleg Nazar.

The expert believes that the fight against COVID-19 distracts doctors from routine vaccination of the population. Because of this, about six million people can become ill with tuberculosis in Ukraine and in the world, the doctor said.

“We are constantly undergoing routine BCG vaccination, which remains with a person for life. In addition, this vaccine stimulates the immune system and is also used as a natural immunostimulant. COVID-19 attracted all the attention. Accordingly, the number of unvaccinated and, therefore, those who could potentially get tuberculosis is growing, ”said the specialist in an interview with Obozrevatel.

Oleg Nazar suggested that a large number of deaths in Western countries are partly due to the fact that BCG vaccination has not been carried out for a long time in Europe and the USA.

Earlier, Aleksey Mazus, director of the International Training and Methodological Center for Human Virology at the RUDN University, chief freelance specialist for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection, suggested that the popular vaccine composition used for inoculation against tuberculosis can help to alleviate coronavirus infection and forms a positive immune background in the body .

There is a possibility that due to the mass mandatory vaccination of BCG in Russia, the course of the disease in infected citizens will be more successful, he said.

The specialist expressed the hope that universally given vaccinations will contribute to a lower number of infections compared to Europe, and will also keep at a minimum level the percentage of resuscitation and severe cases of COVID-19.



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