“The Impact of Social Media on Your Mood and Behavior: A Survey”


I made up some questions and it would be really nice if you could answer them honestly, that would really help me 🙂

Thanks in advance

1.How often do you use social media (hour per day)

1.2 What do you use for social media?

2. What effects on your mood do you notice from your social media consumption? (e.g. exhausted, happy etc.)

2.1 Do you feel a negative impact of social media, if so which?

3. Have you noticed behavioral changes as a result of social media consumption? (Lack of concentration, selfish or envious behavior, self-confidence, etc.) If so, which ones?

4. Does consumption influence your free time, if so how?

5. Do you think that social media convey values ​​to society? If so, which ones? (if possible, consider both positive and negative!)

2023-05-25 20:59:00

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