The importance of the ocean explained to children

The ocean is essential: we tell you why, and we also explain what threats are hanging over it.

Good of humanity : The ocean allows us to breathe. It feeds us. It is a common good of humanity. It is up to all of us to preserve it. This requires better knowledge of its functioning, its fauna and flora. Even today, we only know a tiny part of the seabed. Technological advances allow new discoveries every day.

Wealth : France is the second largest maritime power in the world, behind the United States of America. 97% of France’s marine territory is located overseas. France is present in the three Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. This represents immense resources for food, energy, scientific research, etc.

Vocation : In France, nearly 500,000 people live from jobs related to the sea. And there are many vocations! You can become a fisherman, officer on a French Navy ship, researcher, oceanographer, climatologist, skipper, trainer, tour guide diver, offshore wind engineer, naval architect, sailing instructor, etc.

Clean energy : Winds, currents, waves, tides, hydrothermal vents are inexhaustible phenomena that produce energy, cleanly and sustainably. Plans for offshore wind turbines and tidal turbines are under consideration.

Inspiration : The angers of the ocean, its movement, its riches, its mystery … are all majestic beauties that inspire poets, painters, novelists. The ocean also inspires technological innovations. Example: the Eel energy tidal turbine (“eel” means “eel” in English) is inspired by the movement of certain fish. Without a turbine or propeller, this underwater tidal wave ripples like an eel under the effect of currents. It still produces little energy, but it does not interfere with flora and fauna and is not afraid of storms.

Happy : The ocean refreshes us when we swim in it. It soothes us when we look at it. We play sports there. It vivifies us. More than 60% of the world‘s population lives near the ocean.

Blue gold : The amount of water has always remained the same since Earth existed. It is approximately 1,400 million km3. If we put all this water in a ball, it would measure 1385 km in diameter. Nine times less than the Earth’s diameter: 12,742 km.

Roads of the sea : Your sneakers, console, gasoline, cat litter crossed the ocean before arriving at your home. 90% of the goods consumed in the world were transported by sea. Container ships can transport more than 20,000 containers in a single trip! Shipping is much less expensive than air transportation, but it is also polluting.

Fever : The average temperature of the planet has been increasing very quickly for a century. The main cause of this warming is the excessive presence of “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere. The ocean helps regulate this fever, but it’s not enough. We have to stop our overproduction of gases that unbalance the planetary ecosystem.

Plastic : Men do not hesitate to dump their waste in the oceans. Plastic and chemical pollution are an ecological disaster. Appeared since hardly 50 years, they are undoubtedly the most toxic for many years. Mobilization and ideas are multiplying around the world. We must change habits, limit or even eliminate single-use plastics, better manage waste, and prevent it from reaching the sea.

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