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No one can understand it. A player in Brazilian soccer only received a yellow card after starring in a flying kick to the head of an opponent.

The event was recorded in the context of the duel between Retro and Afogados, valid for the Pernambucano championship, and has gone viral over the hours.

Junior Juazeiro, of Afogados, was the author of the controversial action in the commitment for the quarterfinals, when he was vehemently playing a ball in the air against Marlon of the other team in the 57th minute.

The move, more common in the UFC and other martial arts, was inexplicably only sanctioned with a warning.

The Afogados coach, attentive to the game, quickly changed Junior when the game was resumed after the controversial play.

We note that Afogados won the victory by the minimum account thanks to a goal by Junior Mandacaru at 81, and in the semifinals they will have to face Salgueiro on Thursday.



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