The in-laws of the Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief in Maling, the Police who want to arrest the perpetrators are even surrounded by residents

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Crime acts do not look at the background of the victim. In fact, the house of the in-laws of the Polda Metro Jaya Inspector General Fadil Imran was targeted by thieves.

Even more surprising, the police team that was dispatched to arrest the perpetrators were shouted at by thieves and surrounded by residents.

The theft occurred at the house of Inspector General Fadil Imran’s father-in-law on Jalan Dr Susilo, Bandar Lampung City, Thursday (5/5/2022).

The perpetrators took away an automatic motorcycle unit.

The police then conducted a search to find the perpetrator’s house in Penianan Village, East Lampung Regency.

Antibandit Special Team (Tekab) 308 Satreskrim Polresta Bandar Lampung then plans to raid the perpetrator’s house on Tuesday (10/5/2022) early morning.

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However, during the raid, several people in the house screamed for help.

They shouted at the officers as robbers.

Suddenly the screams of the occupants of the house made local residents arrive and immediately surrounded the police.

Some residents were also seen carrying sharp weapons.