MOSCOW, Nov 7 – RIA News. Leading specialist of the weather center "Phobos" Eugene Tishkovets told MK about the weather next winter.

According to him, the frosts typical for this time of the year will be short-lived, and the snow cover will quickly melt. He noted that the weather in the capital will be very different, with fogs, icy rains and ice, however, a "trend for severe thaws" will be established.

According to Tishkovets, the winter months, especially January and February, will be associated with "incredible temperature anomalies." He said that the compiled climate maps are painted in maroon colors. This suggests that the thermometer will rise significantly above normal.

"Exceeding five to six degrees – which is insanely many. I still do not remember such color forecasts in my 25-year practice," the publication quoted the meteorologist as saying.

The weather forecaster explained that this winter the air masses will move in the meridional direction, and not from west to east.

“If we have an invasion from the south, then we observe what we saw on November 5. When we had a 140-year record for temperature. <…> And the year itself, if you take the average temperature on the whole Earth, is pulling for a record, "he said.

Tishkovets added that the climatic winter should have come on November 10, but there will be no transitions to freezing temperatures in the near future.

“The temperature is growing, of course, and the winter season makes the greatest contribution to the anomalies. Global warming is most pronounced in the Arctic zone. There are constant anomalies, records for records. And at the equator there are almost no changes, and in some places there is a cooling, "said the weather forecaster.



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