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the incredible effect of the electric bike according to Michel Cymes

Cycling is good for you, we know it. But the electric bike seems to be the ideal solution for our seniors, Michel Cymes explains why cycling could be the key to the health of the French

Eco-friendly, practical and good for us. Is the electric bike the perfect tool for sports? In any case, it is a lot like the doctor and surgeon Michel Cymes, confirmed by a British study that says that seniors would particularly benefit.

The electric bike, a real plus for health

According to a recent study, published in the journal Plos, the electric bike would be better for health of the the elderly than the classic bike. We already knew benefits physical exercise on the brain: it promotes better blood flow and helps regenerate cells, especially in the hippocampus. Researchers from the University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University (England) found a more great improvement in mental health seniors who used an electric bike, compared to those who used a manual bike.

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According to scientists, the explanation would be that cyclists equipped with electric bicyclespedal longer and go further than with a conventional bike. In addition, the study states that this mode of transportation promotes the movement of older people, which promotes their socialization. But cycling, especially electric is not only beneficial for seniors, but for all ages.

Sedentarity, a plague

According to a study, published on The Lancet, physical inactivity is the fourth risk factor for diseases noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even certain cancers … Even more shocking, she is involved in more than three million preventable deaths, according to the WHO.

According to Michel Cymes, who gave us an interview during a meeting for the Winora electric bikes: "Cycling can reduce the risk of Cancerup to 30% for colon cancer. We know that if we had breast cancer, we can reduce the risk of relapse by 40%. We know that practicing physical activity, especially the electric-assisted bike, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%"The bike is not only good for our muscles and our mind, it can also reducethe risks of developing cancer.

The former leader of the Health Journal on France 5 affirms, the inactivity is a real scourge in France: "Today, about half of the French are sedentary, we know that the number of hours spent seated considerably increases the risk of mortality (…). When you put yourself on a bike by definition, you move, you work your heart in a reasonable way, especially with an electric bike. All this will reduce the risk of disease, and will move your muscles and says that move the muscles, says shoot on the bones and this helps fight against osteoporosis. "

Happiness is in the bike

The study published in the scientific journal Plos discusses the subject, the importance of the psychological factor in sport: "Someone who is well is someone who will live longer and live in good health and the sport is good for self-confidence. It's very good to play sports on weekends, but if you have a daily activity like urban displacement with the bike, it's even better ". So, tempted by the idea of ​​going to work by bike?


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