The index rose 0.2% at 7,800 points


«Index» green, up 0.2% at 7800 points, as part of our policy site Arab News The news on the “News Index” is green with a rise of 0.2% at 7800 “The news which was transferred and brought in with accuracy and impartiality without hiding the truth and without showing any opinion aimed at controlling the directions of the Arab reader, where the source from which the news was brought in the details and content of the news, and we have no hand or interference in the details and content of the news and start with the news The most prominent today is the news Iss B “« index »green, up 0.2% at 7,800 points.” The Saudi stock market index rose 0.2% at 7,800 points (+16 points), amid a trading volume of 4.7 billion riyals. The session witnessed a rise in the majority of shares traded, with the shares of manufacturing, Al-Jazira, Saudi Kayan and Saudi-Fransi ended trading at brightness ranging between 1 and 3%. Dar Al Arkan shares rose 8% to SAR 12.98. Jarir and Yansab shares closed 2% lower at 170.80 riyals and 70.70 riyals respectively, after the end of a cash dividend. Cables dropped 4 percent to 10.32 riyals after it was reinstated yesterday, about a year after it was suspended. In the same context, the index of the parallel market (growth) in yesterday’s meeting, a decline of 1.4% at 2895 points (-42 points), amid trading amounted to about 2.9 million riyals. Alkathiri fell 7% at 24.62 riyals, while Omran closed at 15.62 riyals (-2%). On the other hand, Al-Sama’ani rose more than 8% to SAR 68.90. The index is green at a high of 0.2% at 7800 points. Thank you dear Arab Continental and we hope to see you always in the whole of health and wellness, and we hope that we will be good at you, and do not compromise your opinion in the above news through the comments as your opinions are always important to us. The first and last place, «index» green, up 0.2% at 7800 points, and do not forget also follow us on the social networking pages of our site site Arabs News, our pages on the sites of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and put an admiration and follow up to reach you and the latest political and economic news and technical Sports, technical and health news Beauty and the world of Eve also diverse news and entertainment to reach you as soon as they occur aphid, «index» green, up 0.2% at 7,800 points. Arab News – The index rose 0.2% at 7,800 points
Source : Newspaper Today


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