The infallible cosmetic to have a good face: how to get the most out of blush

Scarlett O’Hara pinched her cheeks before going to meet her love. With this simple gesture, repeated and imitated by thousands of women, the protagonist of gone With the Wind He sought to recreate the natural blush on his skin. And while standards of beauty have evolved since the film opened in 1939, we’re still looking for that flattering color effect of warm pinching of skin, denoting health and the inherent youthfulness that wells up from within. We long to look good, with a face that conveys happiness and a healthy life. And seeing each other better can be achieved with the stroke of a brush. To get rosy cheeks there is an infallible cosmetic with which to change the face by the very fact: the blush, capable of literally recreating natural redness. “It is one of the most flattering tools we have in the world of makeup,” confirms Raquel Álvarez, makeup artist for Chanel.

In recent years, blush has caught up and has evolved in textures, materials, and colors. You can choose the blush, in compact powders, but also in cream, in stick or liquid. For the expert of House, her favorite is cream texture, that usually blends very well with the skin: “Nobody can resist the juiciness, hydration and youthful texture that they provide this type of product on the cheeks”, confesses the expert.

The cream formulas They are the easiest to apply and those that provide a more natural and luminous appearance. The Chanel artist recommends using your fingers as a tool. “Heat the product beforehand between them to avoid depositing pigment spots. In this way you will already apply the blurred blush and you will not be in danger of lifting the layers below if you wear foundation or bronzer, ”he details.