The infection clinic in Sundsvall is best at HIV care

It is the national quality register InfCare HIV that measures the proportion of treated patients who have immeasurable virus levels in the blood. At the clinic in Sundsvall, the proportion is 99.4 percent. The clinics in the country vary between 85.7 and 99.4.

– We have always been high, but it feels extra fun that despite two very difficult years for us in view of the pandemic, we have still taken good care of our chronic patients and are actually the best in Sweden, says Örjan Andersson, chief physician at the infection clinic at the hospital in Sundsvall.

Important for longevity

The virus level in the blood is directly linked to the risk of becoming ill from its HIV infection and is also directly linked to infectivity. The higher the virus levels, the greater the risk of weakening the immune system and the greater the risk of infecting others, the region writes on its website.

– With immeasurable virus levels, your immune system is not affected and you have a life expectancy like everyone else. You are also not contagious, which means that many rules of conduct can be removed, which is perceived by patients as very important, says Örjan Andersson in the press release.

Eighth largest in the country

Sundsvall’s HIV clinic is the eighth largest HIV clinic in Sweden in terms of the number of patients. There are a total of 29 clinics in Sweden that treat HIV patients.