News The inheritance of Jos Guirao to Rodrguez Uribes: four...

The inheritance of Jos Guirao to Rodrguez Uribes: four projects ready to be approved


Jos Manuel Rodrguez Uribes arrives at the Ministry with several projects ready to be approved. Some of them had been efforts of the outgoing minister

Javi martinez. 1/13/2020. Madrid. Madrid's community. Jose Manuel...

Jose Manuel RodriguezUribesreceives the Culture and Sports portfolio from Jos Guirao, yesterday in Madrid.
Javi Martnez

Although in politics there is nothing certain, when last Thursday they summonedJos Guiraoto the Moncloa Palace, this cross Madrid by car with the certainty that Pedro Snchez called him to formally communicate hiscontinuityas Minister of Culture and Sports.

The veteran former director of the Reina Sofa Museum and La Casa Encendida had been theplan Bof the president after the precipitous resignation of Mximo Huerta, in June 2018, and had dedicated the last year and a half todevelop several important projectsfor the cultural sector that I expected to see approved in 2020.

Yesterday all that work was in the portfolio he inheritedJos Manuel Rodrguez Uribes, manwithout experience in cultural managementthat during this same semester you will be able to present many of these initiatives, already debated and even written. In this way, he could reinforce his public image in the face of a hypothetical projection in Madrid politics (his name sounds like a future socialist candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid).

For his part, Guirao, who some sectors of the PSOE reproach his low medical profile (in his first interview with THE WORLD, granted the same day of his appointment, joked with the fact of not having a profile on Twitter: I hope I do not oblige, he said), to see it from the socialist bench of the Congress, because it will maintain its scarcity in this lesgislature.

Patronage Law

The draft of these regulations isliterally hooked up and ready for execution. Last August, Guirao already announced that the project was prepared for approval by the Council of Ministers.

The modification of this law, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, will update the figure of the patron with the objective that cultural industriesdepend to a lesser extent on public subsidiesand in greater civil society.


The National Institute of Technical Arts and Music celebrates 35 years in 2020, a round figure that further brings the possibility of itsrenovationand even theapproval of an own lawthis year

The reform of this organization dedicated to the management of theater, music and dance was thefirst goal that was marked Guiraoand the main commission he made to his director, Amaya de Miguel. Its administrative organization is not up to the times and threatens to suffocate our production units, said the former minister in his first appearance at the Culture commission, held in July 2018.


The extension of this regulation contemplatesnew figuressuch as industrial, photographic and audiovisual heritage. The project developed by the Guirao team also incorporates the figure ofcultural landscape, which includes the integration of goods with the environment modified by citizens over time.


Also in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, Culture has prepared a regulation that facilitates the recording of films and television series to foreign producers.Pedro Snchez had already blessed this initiative, which includes tax benefits for companies that roll in Spain.

This project, designed to take advantage of the difficulties that could be involved in filming in the United Kingdom after Brexit, which will take place at the end of this month, is also completed and ready for approval.

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