The institutions agree that the cultural summer begins on June 1

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«The cultural summer in Euskadi will start on June 1“, Proclaimed yesterday the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, after meeting with the general deputies, the mayors of the capitals and Eudel to agree on criteria that govern the organization of cultural and festive events.

The Lehendakari presented to the three general deputies, the mayors of the capitals, the delegate of the Government in Euskadi and Eudel a proposal that includes “precise criteria»For the organization and development of cultural events, festive events and other types of socio-cultural activities during the summer.

However, the document was pending an additional report from the Health Department requested by Eudel; once the document has all the “validations”These criteria will be integrated into ‘Bizi Berri’, the Basque Government’s Transition to New Normal Plan. The meeting, which took place in Lehendakaritza, included Ramiro González, Álava deputy general; Unai Rementeria, Deputy General of Bizkaia; Markel Olano, deputy general of Gipuzkoa; Gorka Urtaran, Mayor of Vitoria and President of Eudel; Juan Mari Aburto, Mayor of Bilbao; and Eneko Goia, mayor of Donostia-San Sebastián.

The Lehendakari explained that “the priority will always be to guarantee public health and safety. We have agreed some conditions and a specific date, June 1. From that moment on, cultural events can be organized and museums, cultural centers, libraries, reading rooms and cinemas will be opened ».

The agreed criteria cover various areas that have an impact on sociocultural life and leisure during the summer months: since the opening of museums and cultural centers, until the celebration of sports shows or religious festivals in closed places.

The main general criteria proposed are the following: a minimum distance between people will be required, avoiding crowds in the movement of people. Regarding hygiene, «cleaning measures will be followed and they will be strictly enforced. “

Areas affected


Museums and exhibition halls, massive cultural festivals, sports shows, festivities, beaches, swimming pools and parks, neighborhoods and activities for youth and children, libraries, study rooms and book fairs, sports facilities and courses, religious activities, movie theaters , theaters and theatrical performances indoors, street performances (theater, music, circus), txosnas and non-professional bars



A minimum distance between people will be required, avoiding crowds in the movements of people


Cleaning and hygiene measures will be strictly followed and enforced


Only actions that guarantee traffic, physical space and cleanliness of people will be organized


The institutions will not organize or support events, performances, parties, festivals, or shows that cannot guarantee these measures.

Third, only actions will be organized to guarantee the transit, physical space and cleanliness of people. Thus, Basque institutions will not organize or support events, performances, parties, festivals or shows that cannot guarantee these measures.

By last, Basque institutions will work to «promote and organize initiatives that make possible the social life, the cultural consumption and the leisure, instead of those that must be suspended ».

Lehendakaritza sources added that these criteria have also been discussed in meetings held with the sectoral representatives of culture and sport. As a corollary of that processSpecific protocols have been established for museums, libraries, study rooms, movie theaters and sports shows.

Referral to Osalan

The objective now is to agree on these protocols in all areas and refer them to Osalan, so that each activity has its own file that certifies compliance with the precise measures in the area of ​​occupational and health prevention.

The materialization of these criteria will allow from June 1 the reopening of museums, cultural centers, libraries, reading rooms and movie theaters, as well as organizing all kinds of activities cultural that for the moment are still prohibited.

Likewise, the participants in the meeting agreed that the established criteria They will be subject to periodic review and will be updated according to the evolution of the health crisis.

Donostia festivals

The ‘opening’ of the cultural summer joins the announcement made last week by those responsible for the Jazzaldia, Musical Fortnight and Film Festival, which will be held “adapted to the special circumstances we are going through”.

“The summer cultural appointments agenda is preparing alternative scenarios to offer a cultural program tailored to security measures and capacity, and with special emphasis on protecting the local fabric,” said the mayor. Eneko Goia.

For their part, the Donostia libraries and museums, as well as Tabakalera and the provincial museums (Itsas Museoa, Zumalakarregi Museum and Caserío-Museo Igartubeiti) will open from June 1.



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