The intelligent step of the Spanish Legion, closer to being a reality, according to the PP
| 09/03/2023 – 13:16h.

“Our commitment to the neighbors is unalterable and our commitment to make it a reality has managed to put the gears of the project into motion,” said Blasco, before recounting the process initiated after the unanimous approval of the proposal that he defended in plenary session. to make this pedestrian crossing a reality as soon as possible.

Blasco has explained that the bipartisan has been forced to modify its plans, since its construction was subject to a future budgetary modification, to take tangible steps in a file, which is closely monitored by the Popular Municipal Group.

The project has already been provisionally awarded to Félix Rubio’s company, after the electronic file was opened on February 14 to issue a report favorable to the construction one day later.

On February 27, the award proposal was accepted and it was the Councilor for Town Planning, Daniel Garabito, who accepted the resolution proposal the following day.

From that moment on, the file was sent to Intervention, from where they look for a budget item other than the first budget modification, to provide credit to the project.

Carolina Blasco, who holds the Presidency of the Southern District, has shown her satisfaction with these advances that “show that when there is political will, things can find a faster path.”

Despite this, he has insisted that he will be very aware of the next steps in the file, so that it does not end up in a drawer and a solution can be found to the security problems suffered by the residents of the southern zone and those who pass through this point of the Spanish Legion street.

“The residents deserve these improvements after a term in which they have suffered the absolute abandonment of a government team that has been unable to execute the works chosen by some districts, which have had to see year after year how their wishes fell on deaf ears and their money was not executed”, concluded the municipal spokesperson for the PP.