The intensive care unit of Dolbeau hospital weakened by a lack of staff

This situation is causing concern among the nursing teams, who fear that they will not be able to accommodate patients requiring intensive care.

This is the case of Stéphanie Paré. This nurse in the intensive care unit reports a certain fragility and a compromised balance due to the general exhaustion caused by the compulsory overtime.

Of course it has major repercussions. […]. It takes a nurse in charge all the time who stays on the floor anyway. We are really short of manpower to make the transfers. It really puts people at risk.she told the show It’s never the same.

When the intensive care unit is closed, patients must be transferred to Alma or Roberval hospitals.

The night shift is particularly problematic. Normally, two nurses are required per shift, which is not always the case.

Accumulated fatigue

We are talking about accumulated fatigue. the girl [l’infirmière] often works full time before the weekend, which means 10 consecutive eveningssays Stephanie Paré.

She points out that the emergency room remains ready to receive patients but that there are shortcomings for long-term care.

We are still vulnerable full time. We can ride like that, but a dramatic event and it’s closureshe laments.

Management staff have to pirouette.

Currently, it is said that there are three new nurses trained in intensive care who will take over. Managers do their best and solutions are analyzed, such as a reassignment of the whole department in terms of positions and trying to make the night shift more attractivecontinues the nurse.

Stéphanie Paré fears for the long-term survival of the intensive care unit at Dolbeau hospital.

« It’s still quite worrying. »

A quote from Stéphanie Paré, nurse

With the arrival of the summer holidays, the situation is likely to deteriorate.

The balance remains fragile and any unforeseen could upset things.

The situation remains fragile, according to the CIUSSS

Reached by Radio-Canada, the regional CIUSSS confirmed by email that it had to temporarily adjust the supply of services in the Dolbeau-Mistassini intensive care unit five times over the past 12 months. However, this is not currently the case, adds the organization. However, the situation remains fragile.

We would like to reassure the population of the Dolbeau-Mistassini sector. The quality of the care offered is not altered and users who come to the Dolbeau-Mistassini hospital are taken care of safely by the required qualified professionals.

indicated by email the communications advisor of the regional CIUSSS, Mélissa Bradette.

The organization adds that it is working diligently to find solutions to attract and retain workers in the RCMs of Maria-Chapdelaine and Domaine-du-Roy, which are particularly affected by the labor shortage.

With information from Alexandra Duchaine

2023-05-31 16:48:30

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