The intensive care unit of the Périgueux hospital comes out of the strike after more than a month of protest

On strike since May 11, the intensive care unit at Périgueux hospital has just resumed work after the signing of a memorandum of understanding. The unions and staff notably obtained the upgrading of the workforce in the service they were asking for.

Top exit

Mr. Director, the staff of the intensive care unit will inform you of their decision to suspend the strike movement from Monday June 28, 2021 00:00. “The management of Périgueux hospital acknowledged receipt of this letter on Tuesday morning, formalizing the signing of a memorandum of understanding and the end of a strike movement that began almost a month and a half ago. , on May 11.

Critical lack of staff

At that time, the intensive care unit had started a (new) strike movement to denounce the working conditions and the lack of personnel, particularly highlighted by the distressing Covid crisis.

Faced with reality, the hospital management therefore acceded on June 24 to the demands of the strikers. Regarding the lack of personnel, it will recruit 2 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) State Registered Nurses and 3 FTE nursing assistants.

Improve working conditions

Regular meetings between medical and non-medical services will be set up to improve the organization and synchronization of working times and the general quality of life (development of service protocols, degraded modes, daily life, etc.).

Finally, the service’s break room, the cramped nature of which had been denounced, must be the subject of a “technical solution” to meet real needs.

Union satisfaction

Through the voice of its secretary general Marietta Marty, the health section of the CGT of Périgueux welcomes this “winning struggle”, an exit from the top after a month and a half of strong mobilization of the staff of the service, which it considers in average at 82.82%.

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