The Intention of Thieves, Raffi Suddenly Lust to See Sleeping Victims Wearing Underpants – Raffi Idzamallah (19) aka Gondes was finally outspoken about his obscene act of raping a woman with the initials AF in Bintaro, South Tangerang which went viral on social media.

When presented at the South Tangerang Police, Gondes admitted that he had only once committed sexual harassment.

He admitted that initially he intended to rob AF’s house which looked deserted, and he did randomly choose the house.

Then when the action was caught by AF, Gondes immediately hit the victim’s head with an iron stick which resulted in semi-conscious AF.

The intention of robbing vanished when Gondes’s lust peaked, driven by the influence of alcohol.

“Because I was drunk, my lust continued to increase, because I saw the victim lying in such a position so I changed my mind, she (AF) slept wearing a tank top with only underwear,” said Gondes at the South Tangerang Police, Monday ( 10/8/2020).

Gondes admitted that before he robbed he drank a lot of liquor, and this was the first time he had committed a criminal act.

“I drank a lot, my intention was to rob, I just robbed once, I was alone, at first I was just for fun,” he explained.

Police finally revealed Gondes’ hideout, he was arrested at his home on Jalan Swadaya, Pondok Aren, Bintaro, South Tangerang on Sunday (9/8/2020).

Previously, AF told the rape case she had experienced during one year going viral on social media. He admitted that he just dared to reveal this because it continues to haunt him until now.

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