The internet giant Amazon could disembark in Argentina “hand in hand” Carrefour


The local situation that crosses Carrefour not only has to do with the conjuncture, the company is going through a global crisis and could get rid of several of its assets, which are in the sights of l internet giant Amazon Bezos seeks to expand his borders in the physical world. Worldwide, the company lost 2.4% of turnover in the first quarter of 2018, what speaks of a fall in generalized sales and that they feel strongly in Argentina where they lost 15.8% of income. Precisely, here the company plans to lay off about 1,000 employees, which comes hand in hand with the closing of stores. On the other hand, for months the arrival of the giant Internet the country is becoming more and more accurate. So much so that, the owner of the largest e-commerce platform in the world Jeff Bezos He spent the end of the year in Buenos Aires with his family and is presumed to be doing some business. Carrefour’s losses worldwide have a greater impact in Argentina. Today the crisis of Carrefour locally and globally opens up new opportunities for Amazon , that is no longer satisfied with being the king of electronic commerce. It is known with certainty that the French chain announced will direct its investments to the market e-commerce and that it would close some 300 stores in Europe until 2020 , according to slogan. This plan tempts Bezos, what a few months ago he made himself the North American supermarket chain Whole Foods Market with which he landed in the physical world , to expand in those businesses. The American chain was bought by Bezos last June. That is why Carrefour , which plans to close a large number of stores and terminate about 1,000 employees, It is presented as a great opportunity to Amazon , that already registered two companies in the country to land in argento soil. That’s why for Amazon today Argentina is more in sight than ever. New business
Jeff Bezos


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