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The invoice of the yellow vests examined at Bercy

Traders and elected officials of the big cities and agglomerations were received Wednesday, February 13 at the Ministry of Economy for an "emergency meeting". On the agenda: the high cost of damage and the difficult situation of traders more than three months after the start of the mobilization of yellow vests.

After thirteen Saturdays demonstration yellow jackets, traders and elected can not anymore. Their representatives were received separately in Bercy Wednesday, February 13 by the Minister of the Interior, Bruno Mayor, and the Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Jacqueline Gourault. Objective: take stock of the cost of the events, who will pay and who will receive help.

"We are in a state of crisis" says Christian Baulme, representative of Bordeaux traders at the meeting of the afternoon. In recent weeks, Bordeaux was among the French cities most affected by demonstrations of yellow vests. "People have a habit of avoiding the city center on Saturdays. More than half of the turnover of clothing stores is between 16 and 18 hours on Saturdays. At the time of the demonstrations. " However, the losses are still "Difficult to estimate" for the president of the Bordeaux neighborhoods Round.

Yellow vests: "catastrophe" for the small business, according to the CPME

According to figures from the Ministry of Labor, as of February 11, nearly 5,000 establishments had applied for partial unemployment for 72,600 employees. A cost of 38 million euros for the state.

Financial support of the State

"Many companies are reaching the limit of the bearable, regrets Alain Griset, president of the Union of local businesses (U2P). It is feared that many traders will go out of business in the coming months. "

Alain Griset was in Bercy Wednesday, February 13 to ask for financial support from the state for traders. In particular by "The cancellation of social security contributions for companies most at risk".

Elected officials had previously met Bruno Le Maire Wednesday in the morning. Their main objective: to ensure that the cost of event-related repairs will be borne by the State.

On February 10, the territorial representatives of the France Urban Association had asked for "An emergency meeting on the harms suffered by the inhabitants and traders of big cities and agglomerations".

"We wanted to get the attention of the government because we were not kept informed about the compensation that can be claimed by traders impacted by the repeated events, explains Olivier Landel, general delegate of the association France urban. As a result, many of them did not take steps because of lack of information. "

Avoid an extra cost for taxpayers

For cities affected by the movement of yellow vests, the amount of the bill is increasing every week. "Out of a dozen cities alone, the total amounts to 30 million euros, according to Olivier Landel. The cost of repairs due to damage should not be borne solely by city taxpayers. "

On the side of ministries, no ready answer: the solutions will be studied city by city. "The government was very responsive, we solicited it this weekend only, explains Olivier Landel. Bruno Le Maire has promised to propose a plan of action within a fortnight. "

The elected officials will participate in its development in collaboration with the services of the Ministry. On the merchants side, the same procedure starts: "We are going to sit around a table and discuss between decision-makers and stakeholders, explains Christian Baulme. We will have concrete answers soon. "

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