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Little by little it is confirmed that The future iPhone 12 will break that mold with which those from Cupertino had been making their phones since the iPhone 6 of 2014. You know, a smaller model that we could equate with the current iPhone 11 Pro, and a larger one that is equivalent to the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max.

With that on the table This 2020 will see a modified range arrive for the first time, tighter and we do not know if with other names, but what is clear is that the largest device, the one that will have a 6.7-inch screen, is going to exceed last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max in size. For very little, but it will.

Bigger and smaller at the same time

The fact is that according to MacRumors, this year we will have only three devices within the iPhone 12 range: one that will be the largest of all those seen since the revolution of the all-screen front and the Face ID sensor of 2017, and another the smallest, which will even rub shoulders with the first generation of the iPhone SE. Right here below you can see the comparison of all the sizes of the most recent models with respect to the three that are expected for this year.

IPhone size comparison.

Remember that The iPhone 11 Pro Max have a 6.5-inch screen and the 5.8-inch model disappears from the catalog in favor of the 6.1, that is, the iPhone 11 of 2019. We will see if this sudden change in forecasts is maintained but it is clear that the success of the iPhone XR of 2018, first, and its heir of the year Afterwards, they must have weighed heavily in Apple’s decision.

IPhone size comparison.

Yes, we can expect the future iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen to stick with the label of being the cheapest model (with permission from the iPhone SE of 2020) of those that have an all-screen front, notch and Face ID. So with him on the market, which one do you think will become the best seller? Will it be the cheapest Apple terminal to arrive and that could be in the vicinity of 600-700 euros?

Of course there are too many unknowns on the horizon to solve that, hopefully, will have an answer in September when Apple makes its traditional keynote of presentation. Although according to the latest information, these Cupertino plans could be delayed a bit. Maybe until October?



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