The iPhone 14 Pro are a success: Apple orders to manufacture more

The production of the iPhone 14 Pro will increase to the detriment of the basic model. Everyone wants the brand’s flagship, and they want it now.

20/09/2022 16:33

How could it be otherwise, the iPhone takes off every fall after the presentation of new models. This year was not going to be less, and the iPhone 14 is already generating long waiting lists. In fact, one of Apple’s suppliers, Hon Hai has increased production. For this, it is going to sacrifice the iPhone 14 in favor of the iPhone 14 Pro, which is the model that is most in demand.

Apple, to every machine!

How could it be otherwise, the TF International Securities analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, is the one who has launched the affirmation of this turn in production, as posted on his personal Twitter account.

Apple wants to avoid what happened in 2017 with one of its most anticipated models, the iPhone X, for which there was a 6-week delay. The iPhone 14 Pro is going the same way, and from Cupertino they have given orders to increase the production of the iPhone 14 Pro. The basic model has hardly any delay, but the top of the range It’s already going in the middle of October in the United States. This delay is shaping up to be a burden for users, which is why Californians have ordered an increase in production.

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For example, while the iPhone 14 has a delay of 6 days, and the iPhone 14 Plus goes to 21, the iPhone 14 Pro reaches 35 days. But the larger model, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, accumulates a waiting period of 41 days. Despite the problems caused by the shortage of chips, they are not extreme deadlines, but Apple does not want to walk with inconveniences.

The iPhone 14 Pro presents some new features that, once again, have once again attracted the attention of users. First, the disappearance of notch, being now a space called Dynamic Island, and that presents interesting functionalities. The camera gains in quality, reaching 48 mpx and satellite calls are enabled, which would be available in the United States and Canada from November.

The iPhone 14 starts at a price of 1009 euros in Spain, reaching 1469 in the case of the iPhone 14 Pro Max for the 128 GB model. We’ve already normalized 4-figure prices on mobile devices, but when the iPhone X broke that barrier 5 years ago, it marked a turning point from which there is now no going back.

As autumn progresses we will see how there is finally iPhone 14 Pro for everyone, although it is already known that the beginnings are always very complicated.