The iPhone 9 might not arrive alone: ​​it will have a larger model | Smartphones

Apple should have already presented its new iPhone SE 2 (although everyone already assumes that they will be called iPhone 9) to put them on sale around April 3, but due to the coronavirus crisis we will have to wait a few months. We do not know the exact amount but we are sure it will be at least a couple. That does not mean that surprising revelations like today continue to appear.

And it is that there are references to the new cheap terminals of Apple in the code of iOS 14, and that has unleashed all the rumors, because those of Cupertino will not be satisfied with putting up a single terminal, but two. That is, to replicate the same strategy that they have been implementing since the iPhone 6 of 2014: two phones, a smaller one with a 4.7-inch screen and a larger one with 5.5.

iPhone 9 Plus, also on the agenda

The point is that Apple’s new range of cheap mobiles will not be limited only to the rumored iPhone 9 (we will call it that from now on), but also a larger Plus version and with the same hardware, although we do not know if it also with changes in the camera, battery, etc. In this way, these devices will come to supply, precisely, those iPhone 8 that are still available in Apple stores and that are right now the access segment to the range.

IPhone SE 2 concept design.

Yes, It is not the same to have in hand the power of an A13 Bionic chip like the one in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, than the A11 Bionic of the 2017 models so it is quite logical that those from Cupertino want to renew that range economical offering two new terminals but of the old school: that is, with edges above and below the screen, no Face ID and presence of the mythical Home button (haptic) with Touch ID to remember the old days.

Right now The iPhone 8 have an entry price of 539 euros for the 4.7-inch model and 659 for the 5.5-inch Plus. These new iPhone 9 and 9 Plus would be in a slightly lower range since the objective of their launch is to replace the space occupied by the old iPhone SE and which stood in a price range of 459 euros. Anyway, it’s time to wait. The Covid-19 crisis has delayed all plans.



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