the iPhone beer app made him rich! |

A simple iPhone app, iBeer, made this developer rich. We were then in 2007. But what was this tool doing?

iBeer. Does that tell you anything? This is an app for iPhone which suddenly found itself at the top of downloads. Today, the application does not say anything to anyone, but when it was launched, it generated incredible buzz. For several months, the founder of the application managed to collect, on average, 15,000 euros… Per day. But what was this app for? Virtually nothing. Indeed, it was simply used to simulate drinking a beer on your smartphone. A project which, at the base, made Steve Sheraton laugh, before finally making it rather rich.

« Drink beer on your iPhone », could we read in the description. An application voted ‘Best of iTunes’ and downloaded more than 90 million times! “ Get four different types of beer, steaming hot coffee, and mouthwash, the developer clarifies next. Milk, soda, wine, water, champagne, vodka, etc. Select your own photo backgrounds or use our wallpapers. Its success was not really built on its functionalities, which were therefore frankly limited, but rather on the fact that the application demonstrated to what extent theiPhone was powerful.

In a recent interview, Steve Sheraton explains. “ I was completely broke, I was just trying to get by, living on a friend’s couch and suddenly the video was getting millions of views, which was a lot in 2007. People were begging me to get that ‘thing’ on their phone “, he laughs. Now, these kind of apps don’t really work anymore, as everyone is aware of the performance of new phones. But at the time, almost 15 years ago, it was a real revolution. Proposed to 2.49 euros, the app has been truly amazingly successful.