The iPhone factory could make an’Apple Car’… Foxconn is looking for a joint venture

A panoramic view of the Foxconn headquarters building in Taipei, Taiwan. [사진출처 = 연합뉴스]

It was predicted that Taiwan’s Foxconn, which commissioned Apple’s iPhone, could produce electric vehicles within this year. As a result, Foxconn is emerging as an Apple Car joint venture.

According to a report by Bloombus News on the 20th (local time), Foxconn Chairman Liu Yang-way said at a press conference held in Taipei, Taiwan, “We plan to produce two light electric vehicles in the fourth quarter of this year.”

Chairman Ryu said that at the same time, it could also produce electric buses using the company’s electric vehicle manufacturing support platform (MIH).

At the press conference that day, nothing was discussed regarding the electric vehicle business promoted by Apple. However, in the industry, considering the relationship between the two companies as Foxconn focuses on the electric vehicle business, it is expected that there is a possibility of custom-made Apple cars.

Foreign media reports that if Apple wants to simply subcontract to automakers, there are few other options other than Foxconn.

Foxconn is the world’s largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company. In order to enter the automotive field, in January of this year, a joint venture was established by investing in a 50-50 ratio with Chinese automaker Geely. The new joint venture will receive orders from customers in the future to manufacture and deliver finished cars, auto parts, and automotive smart control systems. It’s similar to the way Apple’s iPhone was assembled and produced.

Earlier, Apple had negotiated with Hyundai and Kia Motors of Korea and Nissan of Japan to consign the production of the electric car Apple car it is developing. However, negotiations were halted because they could not agree on a subcontracted production method.

On the 11th, Bloomberg News reported that five companies, including Korea’s Hyundai-Kia Motors, Japan’s Nissan, and Taiwan’s Foxconn, were the most promising candidates, but Hyundai Motor Company announced in a recent public announcement that “we are not discussing a joint venture with Apple.” All.

It is said that Apple also disagrees with Nissan, Japan, but the negotiations ended without making much progress. The previous day, Reuters quoted a report from the Financial Times, explaining that the contact between Apple and Nissan was short and that the discussion did not progress to the level of senior management. The main reason for the breakdown of negotiations is known to be the problem of using the’Apple’ brand.

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