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By Farnoush Amiri

An Iranian photojournalist speaks out against President Donald Trump's use of one of his photos in a tweet in which the president advocates a "better future" for the Iranian people.

37-year-old Yalda Moaiery, who lives in the Iranian capital Tehran, wrote in an Instagram post this week that she took a photo of a woman during public protests more than a year ago around the University of Tehran.

"It would be a great honor for me if this image were a symbol of freedom all over the world," Moaiery wrote on Tuesday. But having President Trump, "using it in a tweet in Persian without my permission, is even a great shame for me and causes deep sorrow."

Moaiery told NBC News that she has not granted or otherwise granted the White House or any other part of the US government a license to use the image. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment, and it is not clear how the image contained in Trump's tweet was obtained.

The president tweeted on Monday in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, which overthrew the Shah and forced tens of thousands of Iranians to leave.

"40 years of corruption, 40 years of repression, 40 years of terror," tweeted the president. "The long-standing Iranian people deserve a much better future."


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