The Iraqi minister gave a basket to Tatra. Allegedly because of Israel

According to information from Práva, the management of Tatrovka believes that the discrediting campaign, which started some time ago in Iraq, is behind the cancellation of the visit. “It is trying to connect the Tatra brand and the defense industry of the state of Israel,” says the internal statements of the heads of Tatra Truck and Tatra Defense, which Právo has at its disposal.

Iraq, like some other Arab countries in the Middle East, has hostile relations with Israel, and any connection with Israel could harm Czech companies.

There is allegedly a discrediting campaign behind it, which seeks to connect the Tatra brand and the Israeli defense industry

“We feel very damaged by the current events and the exclusion of the company from the program of the Iraqi Minister of Defense’s visit, especially because this purposeful situation is not based on the truth,” Tatra officials write.

“It was created to disrupt our continued successful operations and business activities in the Iraqi market,” adds Tatras officials.

Tatra supplies its trucks worldwide, including a number of Arab and Muslim countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, but it also exports fire trucks to Israel.

The management of Czechoslovak Group (CSG), which owns Kopřivnice, did not want to comment on the unpleasant event. “In the Tatra Mountains, there are basically continuous visits from potential customers from all over the world from the public and private sectors. For security and business reasons, we do not comment on these visits, “CSG spokesman Andrej Čírtek told Práva. The Iraqi embassy did not respond to the Law’s question why the minister canceled the visit.

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Diplomatic note

According to information from Práva, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is preparing a diplomatic note to help Tatra, in which it will tell the Iraqis that Tatra is purely in Czech hands. Jaroslav Strnad is behind the CSG holding, and his son Michal has been the owner since 2018.

The head of Czech diplomacy, Jan Lipavský (Pirates), also met with the Iraqi minister last week. Asked if the ministry had sent a note to Iraq in which the Tatras stood up, its spokeswoman Lenka Do said: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot publicly comment on any allegations concerning the confidential business dealings of Czech export companies. But we can say that Czech business interests abroad and the support of Czech companies are a priority for us. “

During his trip, the Iraqi minister also met with Defense Minister Jana Chernochova (ODS). After the meeting, he said that they were going to conclude a contract with Česká zbrojovka for the purchase of four types of firearms and with the state-owned company VOP CZ, which could repair Iraqi technology. Minister Anád also visited Aero Vodochody, where he discussed the modernization of Iraqi jet L-159s and the possible future use of the new L-39NG jet aircraft.