The Island of Temptations 4: Zoe collapses after saying goodbye to Josu


The ‘reality’ couples said goodbye after choosing which singles they will have their first dates with

Zoe and Josu in The Island of Temptations 4Mediaset

The fourth edition of The Island of Temptations are premiered in Telecinco on Wednesday, November 10. Followers of the format could see that the leading couples had a few minutes to say goodbye after choosing which singles they will share their first dates with. Sandra Barneda He warned them not to meet again in person until the final bonfires.

One of the participants who was most affected at that time was Zoe, who fell apart after saying goodbye to Joshua. The young woman kissed and hugged her boyfriend in tears. “Please, prtate well“, le pidi.

The extronist encouraged her to trust him: “I do not want you to suffer don’t have a bad time. Enjoy, do not give free rein to your imagination, which plays tricks on you. You know perfectly how I am and what I feel about you. I love you, I love you and I don’t want to lose you. “She added:”I don’t want to leave here without youPlease, I’m asking you, really. “

Joshua He commented that he didn’t want to leave seeing her cry, but his girlfriend couldn’t stop doing it. Diriany, the single woman he chose for their first date, interrupted them: “I’m sorry, but we have to go.” The couple said goodbye in a loving way, but Zoe It didn’t take long for it to collapse.

The ‘reality’ participant ended up sitting on the sand with her hands on her face as her boyfriend walked away. “It’s super nice how I feel about him. I never want to lose him, no matter how much we collide, really. He is the person I have loved the most in my life, “she confessed between sobs.

The connection between Josu and Diriany

Joshua fool with Diriany on your first day in Beach Villa. The temptress made it clear that she is interested in him and that she finds him handsome. The man from Malaga commented: “I have been told that you have been in Women and men and vice versaThe maiden replied, “They told me to come to your throne.” The extronist blurted out that if she had participated in the program, perhaps she would not have left it with Zoe.

The young man chose the ‘influencer’ to have his first date in Island of Temptations 4. “I love challenges. I want to overcome myself and show myself that I am capable of withstanding temptation, but also show Zoe you don’t have to fear and you have to start trusting me now, “he explained.

His girlfriend sent a forceful message to Diriany, remembering that she had been “rude” with her in her presentation: “I hope she is polite with him, that she has a good time. He is an incredible boy, you are going to have a great time. I very much doubt that your feelings will change“.

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