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The Israeli lunar probe takes one last photo before it crashes

SpaceIL was one of the finalists of Google's Lunar Xprize, which ended without a winner. If the probe had landed, she would have taken several scientific experiences. This involves measuring the local magnetic field with a magnetometer and carrying a NASA-made laser retroreflector array to measure the exact distance between the earth and the moon. It also featured a time capsule with a copy of English-language Wikipedia, the Wearable Rosetta Disk, the Torah, children's drawings, memoirs of a Holocaust survivor and more.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched Beresheet into Earth's high Earth orbit on February 22. It spent the next few months moving toward the Moon's orbit, landing on the northern hemisphere. The technology was unusual, but to save fuel – once the probe landed, it would only have power for a few days.

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<p>Unfortunately, the engine stopped during the approach. The mission control was able to bring it back online after a system reset, but the probe had already lost too much altitude to reduce the excessive speed. When in contact with the surface, it moved 300 MPH vertically according to the final telemetry values.</p>
<p>Minutes before that happened, it snapped a selfie with the fast approaching moon in the background. Shortly thereafter, it grabbed the much closer photo above.</p>
<p>Apart from the high-speed crash, SpaceIL's attempt was actually quite successful. It is only the fourth nation that has placed a spaceship on the moon after the US, the former Soviet Union and China – even to pieces. This was just $ 100 million, a tiny percentage of all efforts so far. The company said it is encouraged by the initial efforts and plans to build another Beresheet lander to "complete the mission."</p>
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