The Japanese exercise that serves to lose weight and tone the body

Many people work daily with the firm purpose of losing weight or toning up the body, but many times the techniques used are not so efficient and the results are seen after a long time. Nevertheless, There is a Japanese method that helps to easily lose extra kilos and to mobilize the muscles to generate better stability.

the website The Objectivepoints out that the Kaoru method se has become a revolutionary system based on muscle relaxation and the work of the fasciae, that is, from the fibrous membranes of connective tissue that surround the muscles.

As such, the name given to this method is due to its creator Kaoru, who is a trainer and who owns STUDIO Apro, one of the most exclusive studios in the Omotesando neighborhood of Tokyo. The sports experience of this coach began at the age of six attending ballet classes and at the age of 18 she began in the world of aerobics. During her career, she was a national champion at the Japan Aerobics Championship.

With over 37 years of experience, Kaoru, has helped more than 600,000 people lose weight thanks to the mastery of various techniques such as dance, yoga and pilates. In this sense, the trainer has published a book in Spain entitled ‘Slimming down with Kaoru’, which is a bestseller in Japan.

Kouru’s method is based on an exercise routine to be performed with a tennis ball where optimal results can be achieved with just ten minutes. According to the author, this routine is based on the science of mifascial release with which the body will adopt a proper posture and will allow weight loss and toning up some parts of the body.

For this exercise routine, a tennis ball should be used to relax the muscles and gain more elasticity through simple exercises.

Relaxation of the soles of the feet

When the muscles of the sole of the foot are distorted, it will readjust the plantar arch and the pelvis, and in turn, the position of the waist will be stabilized.

  • Initially, you should roll the ball with your foot in a straight path, applying pressure from your heel to your toes.
  • After that, bend the knee of the leg with which the ball is stepped on and make sure your fingers are well stretched.
  • Next, the other leg should be placed behind and exert pressure vertically to let the weight do on the ball.
Kouru’s method is based on an exercise routine to be performed with a tennis ball where optimal results can be achieved with just ten minutes. – Foto: Getty Images

Relaxation of the twins

The calves are the second heart and exercising them helps improve circulation throughout the body.

  • You should sit on your Achilles heel and then, Place your hands in a comfortable position by your side with your fingers flat on the ground for stability.
  • The tennis ball should be positioned in the middle of one of the legs and after that, maintain a posture as upright as possible, in such a way that the ischium, that is, the bone of the lower part of the pelvis, is placed in a position vertical.
  • This position should be maintained for at least ten minutes.

muscle stretches

The gluteal muscle stretches allow the hips to rise so that the legs remain long and the abdomen is fully stretched.

  • Then tilt the trunk and rest your hands on the chair so that everything is completely parallel.
  • In this position, avoid arching your back or bringing your hips back. It is advised to maintain this position for 10 minutes.