Home Tech The Japanese told about the docking of the "Hayabusa-2" with Ryugu. Reedus

The Japanese told about the docking of the "Hayabusa-2" with Ryugu. Reedus

The Japanese space probe Hayabusa-2 made a second landing on the asteroid Ryugu. The docking took place yesterday, July 11, at about 04:30 am Moscow time, July 11.

We burst into applause. The landing was perfect, missions from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) reported.

Recall that Ryugu is a carbon asteroid, to which the Hayabusa-2 space station arrived at the end of June last year. For almost a year of operation, the station took several pictures of an astroid, lowered two robots to the surface, and also shot Ryuga to collect particles of dust and soil.

The message about successful docking has come to the observatory only now, when the device has risen from the asteroid and has resumed communication.

The first landing on the asteroid took place on February 22, 2019. During rapprochement with Ryuga, “Hayabusa-2” fired a projectile at the surface of the asteroid, after which it collected the ascending soil.

After collecting the ground, the device rushed sharply upwards in order to reach the initial orbit. Also in April of this year, the spacecraft dropped 4.5 kilograms of explosives on Ryuga to investigate the effects of a collision with an asteroid of other celestial bodies.

Photo taken during yesterday's mission.

Photo taken during yesterday's mission.

Thanks to the explosion on the asteroid, a small crater was obtained, from which during yesterday’s mission samples of rocks hiding in the depths of Ryugu were taken.

According to the heads of the mission, the second landing was delayed a little in time, since the implementation of the mission was complicated by the uneven surface of the asteroid. Due to the crater formed and the debris of the ground, the Japanese could lose the vehicle if they failed to land. But everything worked out.

During the landing, the Hayabusa-2 took pictures showing that the materials located in the depths of Ryugu differ from those that cover the surface.

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