the Jardins de l’Engrenage evacuated by the police, six arrests

The police intervened early this Tuesday, April 20 to evacuate the Jardins de l’Engrenage, avenue de Langres in Dijon (Côte-d’Or) where a building is to be built.

About ten people were evacuated this Tuesday, April 20 in the morning by the police at the Jardins de l’Engrenage, avenue de Langres in Dijon. Tear gas was used.

The police intervention, which began at 7 am, follows a court decision authorizing the eviction of the occupants of this plot, where the construction of a residential building, called “Garden State” is planned. A 55-man mobile gendarmerie squadron was deployed with national police personnel. At the same time, backhoe loaders began to clear the land.

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Since June 2019, a citizen collective that opposes the construction of a real estate complex of 307 housing units has occupied the garden and the house therein. Bulldozers and police had already tried in July 2020 to evict the occupants, without success.

“It is an evacuation decision which was taken in application of two court decisions. The first of November 4, 2020 and the second of March 19, said Danyl Afsoud, the chief of staff of the prefect of Côte-d’Or who went there. The operation that is being carried out aims to regain possession of the land which is illegally occupied and not of the house which is located on the land in question and for which the occupants still have six months to vacate the premises. “

Six arrests

Tram traffic was interrupted all morning in the area. He could not resume until the beginning of the afternoon. The police operation resulted in six arrests, “following gatherings or maneuvers aimed at constraining the action of the police”, according to a press release from the prefecture.

“I woke up this morning with a bailiff knocking on the door of the Jardins de l’Engrenage. She arrived with the police asking me if we had to remove the furniture, or if they had to do it “, said Clémentine *, who slept there last night. “The day has changed a bit since then, but they are still there. They want to shave the lime tree which is in the middle of the field after having razed the whole vegetable strip, the whole collective garden.”

The gardens were evictable, that we knew. But the house is not […] We stay there anyway.

Clémentine *, occupant of the house

“I’m mad, a local resident told us. I do not understand our mayor who says he wants a European green capital. A European green capital with bulldozers destroying vegetables “.

François Rebsamen reacts

In a press release sent in the early afternoon, the PS mayor of Dijon François Rebsamen replied that “the act of construction, when it is balanced, necessary and respectful of the environment, is vital”. For Dijon, for all those who need a roof. 9,500 housing applications are still pending in the metropolis. “

The city will continue to preserve agricultural land by avoiding urban sprawl.

François Rebsamen, PS mayor of Dijon

He adds that the project, “initiated by the city of Dijon and entrusted to the Ghitti company”, will count, once the work is completed, “8,500 m² of public gardens and family gardens, representing 62% of the total vegetated area”. “Very quickly, following this evacuation, the development of the wooded park and allotment gardens desired by the inhabitants will be initiated”, he continues.

* The first name has been changed at the request of the person concerned

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