The jeans king family becomes the new owner of Cambie Hilltop House (21:29) – 20220920 – Instant Financial News

The above property is GOUGH HILL RESIDENCES House No. 3B, with a practical use of 4,299 square feet, including a 5,314-square-foot garden and a swimming pool, and a rooftop of about 1,717 square feet, looking towards the southern area. According to the data, the house was put up for sale in October last year. At that time, it was said that the asking price was about 600 million yuan, and the asking price per square foot was 140,000 yuan. The property was purchased by ACTIVE CITY LIMITED, an overseas registered company, in January 2009 for 180 million yuan. At that time, it was said that the buyer was “Big Liu” Liu Luanxiong, who later gave it to Gambi. According to documents, the property was purchased by Mortgage by UBS AG and signed by Chen Kaiyun.

However, according to the latest information, the property was last mortgaged by HSBC, and the borrower was Lau Anthony Chi Sing, a member of the Liu Hansong family. The document also shows that Liu Zhicheng is the current only director of ACTIVE CITY LIMITED, namely Liu Luanxiong and Gan Than is no longer a director of the company, in other words, the property has changed hands earlier.This newspaper is set by China(0127)In response to inquiries, the company said it would not respond to the incident.

According to previous reports, Liu Hansong is the younger brother of former Hong Kong Legislative Council member Leung Lau Sou-fen, and Leung and Lau Sou-fen’s family also had large transactions with “Big Liu” in the past, including the purchase of Xianghua in 1999.(0127)Purchased the mansion at 16 Repulse Bay Road for 160 million yuan.

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