The joke that turns out well and Olga Leyers who reveals that she was there when Rik Verheye started something with her sister Ella: this was ‘The smartest person’

For the first time this season, only women are seated in the candidate seats in ‘De verslimste mens’. Danira Boukhriss-Terkessidis and Olga Leyers will be joined by Studio Brussel presenter Michèle Cuvelier. Rik Verheye and Wim Opbrouck join the jury, and the latter receives a real tribute.

Eva De Poorter

Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 10:15 PM

Thursday night’s winner:

Danira Boukhriss-Terkessidis.

The loser:

With a guess, wrapped as a joke, Olga Leyers knocks out Michèle Cuvelier.

The newcomer Monday night

VRT-journalist Riadh Bahri

From best quotes:

Erik Van Looy: “They often say that West Flemish people are all relatives.”

Rick Verhey (about him and Wim Opbrouck): “Yes, we are sisters.”


brouck about the time he smoked a joint: “I hallucinate immediately. I see everyone with fish heads and bulging eyes. But now I’ve taken it so bad, I was watching TV and saw you singing like a radish, Erik!”


Van Looy: “You have a daughter, Wim. What is her profession?”

brouck: “Yes. She works in a company that makes and sells fans. I have to think what it’s called… OnlyFans!” (even style) “She’s not going to like that.”

Verheye: “Yes, but I follow her. She has a very clean propeller!”


The most beautiful moment:

Great actors deserve great credit. So a selection from Wim Opbrouck’s career came by in the photo round. From Frankie Loosveld in The island to his role as Jean-Luc Dehaene in Albert II. Opbrouck is a little embarrassed. When Cuvelier also tells how StuBru’s app exploded when he randomly called ‘Away atmosphere!’ shouted, he intervenes anyway: “Yes, but look at me sitting here, Michele. I still have to work for my money in The smartest person.”

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The standings

1 Bart Cannaerts (17 episodes)

2 Jonas Geirnaert(5 episodes)

3 Danira Boukhriss-Terkessidis (5 episodes)

4 Liesbeth Van Impe (4 episodes)

5 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)