The Joker of Persona 5 is the ultimate Smash Bros. DLC character – GameSpot


In an exciting, unexpected moment at The Game Awards, the first of DLC characters was unveiled by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5, will be playable in the new fighting game, whose launch is only minutes away.

In a segment where Geoff Keighley was on stage, the lights went out and led to a trailer with different characters from Persona 5. This, in turn, showed Joker as a playable character, although unfortunately we saw no real gameplay or learning anything about it, how he will play.

Joker is the first DLC character released for the game (outside the Piranha work). It will be included in Challenge Pack 1. Each DLC pack is single and includes a character, a stage and music. Alternatively, you can buy the Fighters Pass to get everyone.

Reggie Fils-Aime came on stage after the revelation to talk a little bit about the new, and he teased that all five DLC characters coming between February and February 2020 will be newcomers to the series. He also noted that these are "those you would not expect" included in Smash.


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