Emilio Randacio, journalist of the Print who had worked for many years a Republic, he died in Milan. He was a journalist and had followed the most important and well-known trials of the last few years. Randacio was found dead in his home after colleagues had been looking for him all day, writes the Print; "An illness, maybe a heart attack".

He had started winning the competition at the School of Journalism Ifg in Milan, then he had been in the news at theAvvenire where he had started attending the Palace of Justice in the mid-nineties. After a decade a The Republic it had only arrived 15 months ago in our newspaper. Savonese of Albisola, as soon as he could escape in his buen retiro ligure where he awaited his magnificent wolfhound with whom he loved to go for long walks in the woods hunting for mushrooms. In the newspapers where he worked he left an indelible mark. Its all the most important cases of judicial news of the last twenty years.


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