The journalist says what will be the next target of Russia. “Need to tell people”

Yuri Butusov, editor-in-chief of the portal, was asked what the Ukrainian authorities should do if the Russian rocket fire I will continue all winter.

“You have to tell people to be prepared for a blackout soon, that we won’t be able to provide electricity to everyone (…). And prepare to defend other infrastructure facilities. After destroying the energy industry, Russia will hit the transport infrastructure. First of all, bridges and railway communication – emphasizes Butusov.

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Journalist: the next target of the Russians is transport infrastructure

According to him, as part of the preparation for attacks, it is necessary, among other things, to deploy such critical resources as, for example, locomotives in different places, as well as strengthen the defense of points known to the enemy.

The journalist adds that it is not worth estimating how many missiles are left Russia. – Russia continues to produce missiles and will of course conduct attacks in the future. They have enough weapons to destroy our critical infrastructure.

Ukraine’s regions and cities are struggling with the consequences massive Russian attack on energy infrastructure facilities, including power plants, combined heat and power plants, power substations. As a result of the shelling, most of the inhabitants of Ukraine were deprived of electricity.

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