The Juan XXIII school asks Education for a class for more than three years in the face of “high demand”

Juan XXII School of Zaidín. / IDEAL

Laura Ubago

The Juan XXIII del Zaidín concerted school wants to increase its capacity and that the Junta de Andalucía grants them one more line in children (they already have one). This way they could have two classes of three years and would meet the demands of the families that, they assure, are very numerous.

The director of this school, Alberto Moreno, points out that the families are desperate and that they would be willing to carry out mobilizations to ensure that this center has more places. In fact, Moreno points out that for the 25 children’s places that have offered this course, they have received 65 requests as a priority and 54 as a second option. “Families like our equitable model and they should have the right to choose a center,” says the person in charge of Juan XXIII Zaidín, who therefore asks the Board to extend the concert and be able to have two lines for children, since in primary have three classes per level.

«In the surrounding schools there are plenty of places and they do not want to extend a line to us who have so much demand. It is bleeding, “says Alberto Moreno, who says that there will be other ways to get that line if the Ministry of Education does not grant it with the requirements that have already been made.

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