The verdict of Judge Barbara Bellis also permits the dismissal of three other defendants who are "critical to Infowar's operations," a Sandy Hook family press release said.

The decision follows Bellis' ruling that Jones must hand over internal financial, business and marketing documents pertaining to InfoWar's operations.

According to the lawsuit in this case, Jones does not believe that shooting was a joke, but Sandy has repeatedly accused families of faking the death of their family members. There are also six companies in the lawsuit, including several companies affiliated with Jones' InfoWars website.

CNN has turned to Jones for a comment and has not heard anything.

Six other families of Sandy Hook sue the broadcaster Alex Jones

"The Jones defendants create lavish and false paranoia-colored conspiracy theories because they move the product and make money," the lawsuit says. "Not because they really believe what they say, but because they increase their profits."

"Jones is the lead author of a group that has worked together to develop and spread outrageous false stories about Sandy Hook shooting and its victims, and to promote their harassment and abuse," the lawsuit says.

Jones has denied the allegations. The other parties to the complaint did not previously respond to CNN's request.

Mark Barden, whose son Daniel was one of 20 first year students killed in 2012 shooting the Sandy Hook Elementary School, responded to the verdict.

"For years, Alex Jones and his co-conspirators have transformed the unimaginable loss of our darling little Daniel and many other people into advertising dollars and fundraising calls, and it's still far from being blamed for the pain his false tales have so many and many today's verdict brings us one step closer. "

Attorney Josh Koskoff, one of the family lawyers, has published this statement.

"It's not surprising that Alex Jones would do everything in his power to avoid having to testify under oath and be forced to face his outrageous behavior." From the beginning, we've said that Jones knowingly made false and malicious narratives "Sadly, Sandy Hook's families are gripped by the sadness, safety and security of Sandy Hook's families, and today's verdict takes us a step closer to proving that."



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