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The judge sends Judge Rato to collect Bankia advertising commissions

The Court of Instruction number 31 of Madrid has dictated the act of opening of the oral judgment against the former president of Caja Madrid and Bankia Rodrigo Rato and eleven more people for the alleged crime of corruption between individuals for the advertising contracts of these entities Financials with Publicis and Zenith. It will be the first piece of the Rato case that will be judged.

These are the contracts signed by Bankia during the 2011 and 2012 financial years with both companies about the expansion of the Bankia brand and its exit to the stock market, in which a commission of € 2.02 million would have intervened. Rato faces four years in prison for having participated with "several people of his maximum trust" to benefit from the advertising contracts.

It will be the third trial that the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will face, because he has already been sentenced by the National Court to four and a half years in prison for the fraudulent use of the cards black of Caja Madrid and Bankia, condemns that it is already fulfilling after the Supreme confirmed it. In addition, he is currently being tried by the same court for the Bankia stock exchange.

The investigating judge, Antonio Serrano Arnal, also sends to the bank of the defendants the ex-Secretary of State of Commerce and advisory adviser of Bankia Jose Manuel Fernandez Norniella and who was external advisor of Bankia, Alberto Portuondo, for whom the Office of the Anti-corruption sol It calls for the same prison sentence as for the former Minister of Economy.

The former secretary of Rato, Teresa Arellano will also be judged; the lawyer Miguel Ángel Montero Quevedo; the consultant Domingo Plazas; the directors of advertising agencies Miguel Ángel Furones, Francisco Xavier Olazábal, Sagrario Bua Rojas, Fabrizio Bini, Sergio Lorca, Fernando Rodríguez Varona and Cándida Rodríguez. The Public Ministry asks for all these people three years in prison.

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