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The Judicial Power defends the Spanish judges before the critics of Pablo Iglesias


The answer to the vice president



The CGPJ issues a unanimous statement to remind the vice president that Justice is "an essential institution in every democratic society"

The president of the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes.

TheGeneral Council of the Judiciary(CGPJ) has left this Thursday in defense of the Supreme Court judges to respond to the Vice President of the GovernmentPablo Iglesias, which yesterday said in an interview in Antena 3 that European justice had humiliated in Spanish, referring to the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on immunity as a parliamentarian of the ERC leader,Oriol Junquerasand the refusals on the Eurorders against the escapees.

"From the utmost respect for the right to freedom of expression, the Permanent Commission considers it essential to reaffirm that the action of theJudiciary, an essential institution in every democratic society,pursues at all times the fulfillment of the Law and the defense of the rights recognized to all Spanish citizens, the foundation of our social and democratic state of Law, "said the CGPJ in an institutional declaration made public this afternoon.

The governing body of the judges explains that on theprocsThere are only two "definitive" pronouncements of European Justice. One, that of the CJEU on Junqueras, which gives "response to a preliminary ruling raised by the Spanish Supreme Court"; and, another, where theEuropean Court of Human Rights (ECHR)I support in all its extremes the decision of the Constitutional Court to suspend the Plenary Session of the Catalan Parliament of October 9, 2017 and declare that this suspension was "necessary in a democratic society" for "the maintenance of public security, the defense of order and the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. "

"The Permanent Commission also wishes to recall, in relation to the actions of other courts in respect of which there is no subordination of the Spanish Justice, that none of them has made a definitive ruling on the Eurorders issued to Belgium againstCarles PuigdemontYAntoni Comn-which are suspended- nor on the course of Scotland againstClara Ponsat-which is still being processed-; and that only the German regional court of Schleswig-Holstein rejected, against the criteria of the Treasury of that country, the delivery of Carles Puigdemont to be prosecuted for the crime of rebellion, although he accepted his delivery for the misappropriation of public flows " , emphasize the vowels.

The governing body of judges appeals to "moderation, prudence and restraint and to theinstitutional responsibilityto avoid the political use of Justice or the questioning of the independence, impartiality and professionalism of the judges and magistrates that make up the Judiciary. "

The communiqué has been signed by all the members of the Permanent Commission –lvaro Cuesta, Jos Mara Macas, Pilar Seplveda, Jos Antonio Ballestero, Juan Manuel Fernndez, Juan Martnez MoyaYRafael Mozo– of different sensitivities. The judiciary comes out in defense of the magistrates of the Supreme Court against the criticism of the Vice President of the Government and leader of United Podemos, Pablo Iglesias.

Moncloa comes out in defense of Iglesias

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, the Government sent a message to the media in response to the CGPJ statement. Moncloa "believes that it is time to dialogue and provide agreements that strengthen our institutions," be it in the message.

"It is everyone's duty to ensure the proper functioning of Justice and thus contribute to updating their governing bodies, preventing their action from suffering from the blockade," he continues.

That said, Moncloa warns that the Government is in "an attitude of dialogue, respecting the freedom of expression and the right to criticism" and asks that "there is also the opposition."

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